K's Creations Scroll Frames


Comfort - Stitching on a K's Frame reduces the stress and fatigue associated with holding your needlework project for prolonged periods. If you suffer from arthritis or any other ailment, when using K's frames you will be able to stitch for greater periods of time with a new level of comfort and enjoyment.

Cleaner Work - K's frames will minimize them number of times you have to touch or handle your work. This will reduce the amount of hand oil and dirt that will accumulate on your project.

Easier Finishing - When you work on a scroll frame, the project held with even tension results in a less distorted project. When you "free stitch" or hold your work in your hand threads will tend to bunch in certain areas.

Finer Quality Finished Product - The less cleaning and blocking required to finish the project the more beautiful the end result is. Why take any chances on the finishing after months and sometimes years or hard labor on your needlework project.