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Trim the Tree by Holly Hollon for Dogwood Hill


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Each heirloom quality Bauble Stocking is hand-stitched with cotton threads and oh-so-soft velvet backing. From start to finish, the attention to precise detail makes this a very special gift. 6" long, 4.25" wide Bauble Stockings are based on my family’s tradition, where the final gift of Christmas, or a clue to it, was found in your Bauble Stocking. It wasn’t the most expensive gift, but it was the most thoughtful, and always made you feel so loved. Since launching, we’ve heard so many different uses for the Bauble Stocking. Amazing stories of kids searching the house on scavenger hunts, newlyweds who take turns planning a surprise trip each year, and even grandparents replacing their white envelopes with something that will become a treasure for years to come. My favorite will always be giving a Bauble Stocking to a mom- the task of working with dad to pick out this special gift for her each year is a memory that will last kids a lifetime.