Why Poppypointe?

Needlepoint has always been in my life.  My mother and aunts stitched gifts for me. My mother taught me the basics as a child.  All of my cousins were gifted with handmade stockings as babies by one of our great aunts.  When my older daughter was born, I wanted to continue the tradition.  I stitched a stocking for her, and I've been hooked ever since.  Both of my daughters have been my inspiration for stockings, tooth fairy pillows, jewelry and gifts.  
I've become a better stitcher with time, and I've offered to redo my older daughter's stocking.  She has graciously refused.  One may just appear on our mantel regardless....

As a toddler, my now 17 - year old daughter was obsessed with Mary Poppins.  We called the movie, "Poppy," and even named a beloved stuffed animal Poppy.  It was only natural to combine needlepoint with the sweetness of my daughters to find the name Poppypointe.