Finishing Information

Finishing Information

We finish pillows, stockings, purses, standups, ornaments, belts, key fobs, bag patches and most items.  We no longer finish watch bands.

There is a 15% discount on finishing for anything dropped off prior to March 31, 2024.

There is an $85 charge for any rush orders and no guarantee that they will be completed by requested deadline.  We will only charge you the fee upon delivery.

As of Jan 1, 2024, we kindly ask you to make arrangements to pick up or ship your finishing within 2 weeks of the call/email.  If payment is not received and arrangements not made, there is a $25  monthly storage fee for pieces not picked up.

We charge shipping on all finishing - cost is approximately $12 - $18 depending on insurance.

We want you to be happy with your piece - please let us know if you are not happy so we can fix the item.

Please make sure you have around an inch of blank canvas around design.  You generally do NOT need to add extra rows except for the following:



-key fobs

-depending on the design element

Finishing Pricing

Each piece is custom, so these are general guidelines assuming pieces are well blocked, stitched and with very basic finishing.  Fluctuations come from fabric choices, embellishments, any custom work and blocking time.  

Ornaments start at $60

Pillows start at $140

Full size stockings start at $130

Standups start at $85

Belts start at $103

Key Fobs start at $60

Eyeglass cases start at $95

Purses start at $195

We do not charge for fixes that were our mistakes, but we do charge for fixes based on changing the mind or misreading belt sizes.  We kindly ask you to be sure of the write up before you leave the shop

Finishing Deadlines 2024

All dates are subject to change pending volume of finishing.  Finishing is taking 3-8 months depending on the fabrics needed and complexity of the project.

Easter/Valentine's Day:  Jan 15 for standups and ornaments only.  No Pillows

For Summer 2024/Graduation:  Feb 1 for all products

For Halloween/Thanksgiving:  March 1

For Christmas/Hanukkah:  June 15 (subject to change)

There is a 10 month turnaround for leather goods like bags/clutches.