Vivilux LED and Magnifier


The ViviLux Detachable 2" Round Optical Grade Distortion-Free 3x Magnifier with Handi-Clip is a necessity for any hobbyist, jewelry maker, or needle-pointer. With a powerful 3x magnification, this lens will help you see details that you would have missed with the naked eye. It is small, lightweight, and has a clip for attachment. Combined with our ViviLux Super Bright Flexible Craft Light, and you have the perfect combination for close up work. 

All the features of the ViviLux Super Bright Craft Light, now with a 2" Optical Grade Magnifier on a positionable flexible arm. Magnifier can be used together with the Light, or separated for individual mounting.  Included Handi-Clip allows you to attach the Magnifier to things like embroidery hoops or a book.

Important Update:  On the Small Magnifier / Light Combo VLMCL01, we have discovered that the flexible arm on some of the lights have a thinner coating than others.

This means the magnifier rotates freely around the arm of the light.  If you have this issue, it is an easy fix.  Simply wrap a little tape around the base of the flexible arm on the light to tighten the gap.  Then it won't rotate and stay in place. This will be corrected in our next production run.